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Puzzle Grand Prix 2020 - Druckversion

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Puzzle Grand Prix 2020 - CHalb - 02.12.2019

Wir haben den alljährlichen Aufruf an Autoren für die Grand Prix bekommen. Für den Puzzle Grand Prix hat sich noch kein Interesent als Autor einer deutschen Runde gemeldet. Hier der Originalaufruf von Prasanna:

We have already set the first 2 rounds of each to avoid the bottleneck our GP Directors face of putting them together in limited time.
For Sudoku GP, we have already received requests from Croatia, the UK, Serbia, France and the Netherlands, out of which Croatia and the UK have taken up the first 2 rounds.
For Puzzle GP, Serbia and India have requested and taken up the first 2 rounds.
Please let me know if you are interested in taking a round for either GP.
In case of surplus requests for the remaining rounds, we will deal with it on a case by case basis like last year.
Consider the deadline for showing interest to be 7th December.