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I am a rather new 'rookie' puzzle setter. I have created 5-6 puzzles which are posted on Logic Masters. Of these puzzles, the first two received enough ratings to display the difficulty and popularity. All other puzzles I have created were barely solved and received not enough ratings (<10). The comments show that those who did try and solve puzzles, did enjoy them a lot (mostly the last two puzzles). I am looking for some help into what is causing people not to try the puzzles.

I am unsure if it is the ruleset, unclear rules, the look and feel of the puzzle, or the difficulty. Any help towards what may be causing it is much appreciated. Because they did not receive enough ratings, I cannot see how difficult people think the puzzle was or how much the popularity rating is.
I did take a quick look at your puzzles and I do not think there is a problem with your puzzles in terms of presentation, rulesets or difficulty. It is probably just a case of how busy the puzzle portal is these days, and there are a lot of puzzles published per day, so an individual puzzle doesn't stay high up on the search list (usually solvers do not look past page 1 in many cases) long enough for them to be solved enough. I would say that is the main reason, otherwise your puzzles do follow the puzzle portal's puzzle publishing guidelines.
Yes, that is right. The puzzles just vanish in the Sudoku flood.
The Rätselportal was perfect when we had 1-2 puzzles per day, only a few of them Sudokus. We had many discussions on this topic, but no solution.
And don't forget that many solvers haven't registered and stay anonymous. They can't rate the puzzles.
And if your future puzzles are good and attract more solvers it could happen that they search your old puzzles.