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Normale Version: Stellungnahme der WPF bzgl. Russland und Belarus
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Vor drei Tagen erreichte uns folgende Bekanntmachung der WPF:

The World Puzzle Federation condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and, as a reaction to this unprecedented war, has decided to terminate the Russian membership in the WPF.

The majority of Board members voted to ban Russian and Belarussian teams from the WSC & WPC for the necessary time. Players from these countries are still welcome to participate in the WPF events as individuals and under a neutral flag. The Russian puzzle round from this year‘s edition of the WPF Grand Prix will be replaced.

We understand that our puzzle friends from Russia and Belarus were drawn into this situation unintentionally, but we feel the need to express our support for the effort of the Ukrainian people and their desire to live in a peaceful and democratic society.

We all hope that their suffering will end and such unprovoked war never happens again. The endeavor of those brave Russians and Belarusians who revolted against the evil regime should be remembered too.