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Normale Version: KPK: Indonesian Classic Puzzle Competition 2021 (Sept 3rd-6th)
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We are delighted to host and invite all of you to the first individual puzzle competition in Indonesia!

Kompetisi Puzzle Klasik (KPK) 2021's main goal is to introduce various paper-and-pencil puzzle genres to Indonesian newcomers.
We expected the difficulty to be easier; but based on the testing, this might prove otherwise? Who knows!
Hopefully, the puzzle set will still be quite challenging for puzzlers here, or at the very least: fun! Smile

All informations, including Instruction Booklet, Puzzle Booklet, and submission links (using Google Form) are available on KPK website: https://ammar.fath.in/kpk_en.

In short, there will be 30 puzzles to be solved: 10 Sudokus (and its variants), 10 standard non-Sudokus, and 10 exploratory puzzles (including instructionless!);
all in 150 minutes between Friday, 3 Sept, 08.00 UTC+7 to Monday, 6 Sept, 22.00 UTC+7.

I hope you enjoy it! Wink

Puzzlesmiths: Ammar Fathin Sabili (athin, me) and Andri Purnama Ramadan (Nusi)
Tester: Ivan Adrian Koswara (chaotic_iak)
The link to KPK seems not to work for me. I tried in two browsers.
(02.09.2021, 15:21)CHalb schrieb: [ -> ]The link to KPK seems not to work for me. I tried in two browsers.

Hmm, that's weird because it's fine for me. How about copy-paste the following full link into the address bar?


Above link goes to the Indonesian page, but there will be a navigation link to the English one there.
Thanks. I should have tried on my private PC as well. Both work. Sorry for the confusion.
The contest has ended, many thanks for your interest especially to 79 registered contestants: 68 competitive (24 Indonesians) + 11 casual! Smile

The preliminary result can be found here. Should you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me.

Congratulations to EKBM for winning KPK 2021; along with Kota MorinishiNikola Živanović, and Walker for finishing all puzzles in the contest!  Star