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Normale Version: Italian Sudoku Championship
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The Italian Sudoku championship took place last Saturday, 28th August, in Vicenza, with the participation of 21 players.
After 4 rounds and a 1-hour long playoff, the final classification has been the following.
1 Giulia Cossutti
2 Vittorio Schiavone
3 Alessandro Locatelli
4 Matteo Testa (also the winner of the Classic Sudoku cup)
5 Laura Tarchetti

The organizers are grateful to the following members of LM which have offered their cooperation 
as authors : 

Richard Stolk
Thomas Büttner  (Shinya)
James Peter (MaverickJd) 
Swaroop Guggilam

and as test solvers:
Elena Aivazopoulou
Christoph Seeliger