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Normale Version: Camels and Penguins puzzle, looking for tester
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I'm looking for a tester for this puzzle. 4 star difficulty. If you can solve it, send me the solution. Let me know if the rules are unclear or any other problems.

Rules: Normal sudoku rules apply.

There are penguins and camels running around in this sudoku. A clue outside the grid that begins with a P is a penguin clue. If a square has a penguin clue next to it, it means a penguin begins its journey in that square. The clue tells you how many squares the penguins will visit, including the starting square.

A penguin will always move into another square if it is able to. It can only enter a square that is orthogonally connected to the square it is in. (So it never moves diagonally.) A penguin will never enter a square it has already been to.

(To be clear: A penguin always ends its journey because it has visited all the squares that are orthogonally connected to the square it is in. If that is not the case, it cannot end it’s journey just because it has used up all the steps in its penguin clue.)

When choosing between possible squares it can move to, the penguin will choose the square with the smallest number (Because penguins like it cold.) If there are two possible squares with the same smallest number, the penguin prefers moving horizontally (left or right) instead of vertically (up or down.)

A clue outside the grid that begins with a C is a camel clue. It works like a penguin clue, except with a camel instead of a penguin. A camel behaves like a penguin except it will move into the square with the biggest possible number instead of the smallest. (Because camels like it hot).

Example: The red line shows the path of the penguin. The green line shows the path of the camel.

[Bild: f6mN5qM.png]

The puzzle:

[Bild: 6AxRVBm.png]

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