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Normale Version: Solving Puzzles Online
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Is there a standardized tag for "Includes a Link to solve online"?

Along with the bigger question: Should there be one?

I'm inclined to think it should exist, but would love to hear others opinions.
No, I think there is no such tag so far. In the course of the changes we plan to activate I have the possibility to see all current tags ... all 420 current tags and so many of them have the same meaning  Sad  . I looked through them and didn't find such a tag. So although not the question here: Yes, we definitely think about some adjustment. And so far we still have the guideline that tags shall be in German (of course besides original English terms); but I’m not sure if this is resonable any more.

From the start of the portal – way back in 2008 – until some months ago it was simply not necessary because nobody added such links. Yet over the years a few people have asked us for a possibility of solving the portal puzzles online. I see one of the advantages of the increase of the portal’s popularity in the various online tools some new users have introduced. Yet I personally cannot say how more attractive a puzzle becomes by the online solving possibility or a corresponding tag. So far I stick to Paint, Excel or paper for solving.

For another reason I’m unsure about this: Both the labels (those with the icons) and the free assignable tags shall describe the characteristics of the puzzles. In the last weeks many authors created tags, that have instead the function of key words for searches. Any words from titles or instructions can be found by the advanced search and shall according to the currently philosophy not be put into the tags.

So a tag as you ask for would not really fit to the intended use of labels and tags. But such a tag (and hopefully only one) might be good though.