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Normale Version: Soused Snake: Video for Henry
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I kinda wish there was a way to DM members here - but short of that, here's hoping "Henrypijames" sees this, since I mentioned creating a video to demonstrate the "Soused Snake" sudoku puzzle that he and another solver called a "brutal grind ".

And if other readers of this post want to check it out, I'd be honored.

The Puzzle: https://logic-masters.de/Raetselportal/R...?id=0003RR

The Demonstration:

This video is awesome. Especially thank you for your insights from the first few minutes of the video.

Between 6:00 and 6:30 you read 'can not travel along the same square twice', which I understood as 'in the same direction'. But between 6:30 and 7:00 you clarified by your hands that backwards is also not allowed. Maybe you could update the puzzle text accordingly to make the rules as exact as possible. Non-native English speakers often have difficulties with language nuances, which might lead to wrong rules in their head, which in turn might lead to frustration and bad reviews.
EDIT: I just saw the actual puzzle page. The picture down there is more than enough to clarify it. Well done.

Don't worry about spamming. I am really glad you shared this video with everyone.
Glad it helped. I need a system where I can record my screen -- then it would have only taken an hour instead of ... weeks. Ha ha.
(08.08.2020, 19:31)Big Tiger schrieb: [ -> ]I kinda wish there was a way to DM members here...
I think you mean with DM something like "direct message". Here in this forum is a way to send messages to members. I don't know, if there is an English version of this forum. In German you find it in the right of the grey row at the top "Private Nachrichten".
Aaaah, yes, didn't notice that. And yes, "DM" is for the English, "Direct Message".