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Seit dem 27. Mai 2020 gibt es im Portal den Rätselautor 'Donut & Chicken'.  Man kann seine Benutzerseiten nicht aufrufen.
I'll try to say it in English.
Clicking at the authors name for example in 3LC I get 'There is no user with the specified name.' Selecting 'Benutzerseiten'/'user pages' I can insert 'Donut & Chicken' and see his page, but can't select 'solved puzzles' or 'published puzzles'.
glum_hippo made a comment in 3LC, so I tryed
'https://logic-masters.de/Raetselportal/Benutzer/geloest.php?name=Donut%20%26%20Chicken' (without hyphen)
and that works. Unfortunately it doesn't work with 'eingestellt'.
Yesterday I informed Christian (CHalb) and he will pass it to the webteam.
Also yesterday I found a trick even to see the 'published puzzles', but I can't repeat it :-(.