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Normale Version: Questions regarding WSC round 9 (TEAM) - Circle
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(20.09.2019, 08:20)Richard schrieb: [ -> ]
(19.09.2019, 18:35)rob schrieb: [ -> ]I see the example in version 2, thank you! Am I right to assume that the puzzles will slowly rotate as you go around the circle? I.e., every puzzle has its bottom pointing to the outside of the sheet, and the left and right sides next to the left and right sides of the neighbours, respectively? (As opposed to having all grids parallel to the grid edges, so that the meaning of top/bottom/left/right might change from puzzle to puzzle.)


Thank you! Looks like a fun round.

Zitat:If the positioning would be parallel to the grid edges, there couldn't be left/right interaction at some places, which would conflict with the instructions.

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