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Normale Version: Questions regarding WSC round 2 - World Cup 1
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All questions regarding WSC round 2 must be asked here.
Can you please check if 2.8 Odd/Even Stars example has multiple solutions?
I was able to place all the even digits with the rules and now only odd digits are left with many combinations to place.
I solved it and got a unique solution.

If you're still convinced that there is a problem: Since you already placed all even digits, you should be able to check it with a solver, since you can't make use of the star properties any more.
Same problem here, sudokuwiki.org finds lots of solutions for 2.8
Jonas, can you please copy&paste the solving string (first line of the solution box) of sudokuwiki here?
After all even digits have been placed, and with all of the odd givens, the state of the puzzle is:

You are right. My sincerely apologies, I was absolutely sure, it was unique. That means I made a mistake at least 5 times. (And I did not do something silly like using uniqueness.)
Non-uniqueness will be fixed in the next version of the IB.
Yes I checked with Sudokuwiki.org and it showed multiple solutions as Feadoor mentioned.
Thanks for clarifying.
Thanks Richard.