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Normale Version: Next SVS-puzzle will be published on 27 August
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Hi all,

Due to my activities for WSC2019, the next member of the Sudoku Variants Series-family will be published here in the portal on 27 August.
Happy holiday to all!

Best regards, Richard
Thanks for the information  Heart

Fortunately, we Hamburger may test some of your puzzles for the WSC Smile, so we will survive the little break  Square
WSC has still the highest priority in my agenda, so unfortunately the next SVS-puzzle is postponed with at least two weeks.
Hope the SVS will continue some day... Is there hope? Smile
Perhaps, there are some leftovers?  Cook
Yes, there is hope!
I have more ideas for types that have not been included in SVS yet, but at the moment I have other priorities since WSC was such a huge job that I didn't have time for much else.
So it might take some more time, but than I will continue.
At the moment I am still busy with the German Sudoku Championship, so I still don't have much time for next SVS-puzzles.

But as I have seen in the portal, there are some very active authors at the moment, so I don't have to be afraid that you players will get bored.