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Normale Version: International participation Dutch national Championships 2019
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On June 29, we will organise this years' Sudoku and Puzzle Championship. All puzzles are created and now being tested. We have limited room for international participants. If you are interested in taking part as foreign guestplayer, please let me know.
In brief:
Date/time: June 29 starting at 9:30
Place: ORTEC's headquarters in Zoetermeer (close to The Hague)...
Three sudoku rounds (around 20/65/15 minutes);
Three puzzle rounds (around 25/60/15 minutes);
Play-offs, most likely only for Dutch finalists;
Puzzles: 50/50 by Bram and me;
Sudokus: all by me.
Costs: 10 euros; lunch, coffee, tea included.