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Normale Version: LMI - Sudoku Mahabharat & ISC Qualifiers : January - April
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Logic Masters India invites everyone to participate in Sudoku Mahabharat, a series of Sudoku contests. Similar to last year's Sudoku Mahabharat, each contest will have a certain theme to it that categorizes the puzzles appearing in the contest. This year, there will be two themes per round, in a reduced format of four rounds, with 3 variants of each theme totaling to 6 variants per round.

Here are the dates, for each of the rounds.
Standard & Neighbours - 6th to 9th January
Odd Even & Twisted Classics - 3rd to 6th February
Outside & Math - 3rd to 6th March
Irregular & Converse - 7th to 10th April

The link for Sudoku Mahabharat 2016-17 is http://logicmastersindia.com/SM/2016-17sm.asp
Note that these rounds will serve as qualifiers for Indian Sudoku Championship 2016.
Round 1 - Standard & Neighbours has started and the link is http://logicmastersindia.com/SM/201701/