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Normale Version: WCPN puzzle test at LMI - 19 - 21 December
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Hi all,

WCPN Puzzle test at Logic Masters India

Hns Eendebak and I have written a puzzle test with puzzle types that can be found on an (ir)regular base at the website of our Dutch Puzzle Association www.wcpn.nl.
Participation is free, you only need to be registered at LMI.
Here is the link to the contest site where you can find the instruction booklet.
Meanwhile the contest has started.

One of the test solvers of this puzzle contest was Florian Kirch. Because of his recent sudden decease, we decided to dedicate this puzzle contest to him. He meant a lot to the puzzle society, both as player as well as writer/organiser. Please keep Florian in mind while you participate in this test!