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Normale Version: Booklet - HALAS league - 5th tournament
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In the section of HALAS league - 5th tournament (18.-21.5.2012) you can find the booklet with the puzzles you can try to solve.
We hope that you will like these puzzles.

You can find in booklet points distribution in every round and instructions how to send your aswers!
Feel free to ask questions!

Have a nice time with solving!

The 5th tournament of HALAS league is going on! Till 23:59:59 on May 21, 2012

The 5th HALAS league tournament consists of 2 rounds of sudoku and 2 rounds of puzzles.
This competition has the same format like Sudokucups! So you'll need a printer!

The schedule of the competition is following:

1 round of sudoku - 60 minutes
2 round of sudoku - 75 minutes


1 round of puzzles - 60 minutes
2 round of puzzles - 60 minutes

You can find more here: